Exiting Process

  • Part of our commitment to providing the best education to our students is a comprehensive and well-rounded transition program. All age-appropriate students have access to the following transition services:

  • Evaluation

    At age 13, per state recommendations, students participate in transition planning. As part of this, formal and/or informal evaluations are conducted on an annual basis to determine the student’s interests, preferences, strengths and needs related to life after their K-12 education.

    Transition evaluations are decided upon as a team, including input from the student, parents, teachers, and counselor. This is in addition to the academic, social emotional, and other evaluations conducted in order to create a comprehensive IEP for the student.

  • Core curriculum

    Our core transition curriculum ensures that all students have the opportunity to develop the skills outlined by the Connecticut Core Transition Skills.

  • Career exploration

    Career exploration activities allow the student to learn about or from individuals working in a variety of fields. These activities allow students to explore a broad range of career options, and determine jobs they may like to research further.

  • Community-based experiences

    We are committed to providing our students opportunities to be involved in the community. Community activities may be those that develop social skills, independent living or vocational competencies. Students may have the opportunity to use public transportation, eat at a local restaurant, go to the grocery store, volunteer at an animal shelter, visit institutions of higher education, job shadows, or internships.

  • Hands-on training and certification opportunities

    Hands-on experiences allow students to gain and practice serviceable skills. Hands-on experiences allow students to build their resume and portfolio, and develop skills that may transfer to future employment opportunities, including obtaining a ServeSafe certification, paid on-site student-work programs, technical skills and/or independent living training.

  • Comprehensive Student Portfolio

    All students who graduate from Natchaug Schools have a transition and vocational portfolio. Students will collect artifacts throughout their time in the program that highlight the skills that will help them achieve their goals for life after K-12 education.

    The transition portfolio will also serve as their mastery-based diploma assessment as required by the Connecticut State Department of Education.

    Transition Services Requirements