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High Expectations

Here, learning starts with a foundation of rigorous standards and a carefully planned curriculum that aligns with both college and career readiness, as well as local high school graduation requirements. We believe all students have the potential to excel. We employ a mastery-based approach to teaching and learning to ensure they reach their fullest potential.

Through individualization and differentiation, we strive to help each student achieve mastery in the core subjects.

Teacher works one on one with Natchaug student while they learn from a textbook

Individualized Support

We understand every student has unique needs, and we are committed to meeting those needs through specially designed instruction. Our educators are highly skilled in addressing the diverse learning requirements of our students and expertly layer instruction to bridge any gaps in content knowledge or skills.

By employing evidence-based practices, we provide equitable access to the learning standards, ensuring that all students can thrive.

Teacher calls on teenage Natchaug student during class on alternative energy

Collaborative Learning

We believe students learn best when they feel safe, connected and supported by their peers, teachers and school community. That’s why social-emotional learning is integrated throughout our core curriculum. We encourage peer-to-peer interactions, group projects, and cooperative problem-solving activities to foster a collaborative
learning environment.

Through collaboration, students develop essential social and communication skills while deepening their understanding of the subject matter. This collaborative approach prepares them effectively for college or a career after graduation.

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