Natchaug teacher works with two students while they learn about earth day

At a Glance

Central to our philosophy is a tiered system of academic support, known as SRBI, which ensures a tailored learning experience for each student. Additionally, for those who require more focused attention, we offer 1:1 support to provide individualized assistance.

Recognizing the importance of technology in modern education, we integrate the latest tools and resources to make learning interactive and engaging.

To further bolster our students’ academic foundation, we emphasize the development of essential study skills and even offer additional tutoring for those in need.

Teacher works one on one with Natchaug student while they learn from a textbook

Beyond The Classroom

Natchaug Schools extends clinical support and services to cater to the emotional and psychological well-being of our students. Understanding the challenges that can come with transitioning between educational settings or into the professional world, we have dedicated transition services to ease these changes.

Parents can rest assured that at Natchaug Schools, their children will receive a holistic education that caters to both their academic and behavioral health needs.